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Welcome Clergy and Educators

Thank you for your interest in Remember Us

The Remember Us Project is a voluntary program that supports and empowers children in their encounter with the Holocaust. Remember Us takes the incomprehensibility and enormity of the Holocaust and conveys it as a one-on-one, personal relationship.

We invite each child who is preparing for bar/bat mitzvah to remember one child who was lost in the Holocaust before having the opportunity to be called to the Torah, and to act in his/her name.

This is an invitation, not a curriculum. It does not add any time to the student’s or the teacher’s schedule. Your student chooses how to remember the child in a personally meaningful way.

Our online resources includes ideas for participations including how to do research about a child and suggestions for doing  mitzvot in the name of the remembered children, speaking about him/her from the bimah, etc. among other ideas.

To have your students participate in the Remember Us Project

  • Review program material available to clergy and educators to promote participation.

    AND then either:
  • Distribute the Student Invitation to families and students, inviting them to request a name directly from our website

    - OR -
  • Contact us to request Memorial Pages for a specified number of lost children to distribute directly to your students

Six million is a difficult number to fathom– but the fate of one little boy or girl in Italy, Poland, or Germany tells a story that a young person instantly understands. Remember Us has consistently provided our B’nei Mitzvah and our congregation an experience in connecting to the Holocaust that is immediate, personal and profound. Its sheer simplicity, in contrast to the complex pressures that often surround Bar/Bat Mitzvah in America, provides a poignant expression of the young person's past and an elegant promise for the future. The modest demands that it makes on families, yet the wonderful dividends it affords, is a welcome and most meaningful aspect of Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation at Main Line Reform Temple, which endorses and hopes to expand its support for the program.”

–Cantor Marshall Portnoy
Main Line Reform Temple