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Bar/Bat Mitzvah guides to a more meaningful experience:


“GSI is an established global network of second and third generation groups and individuals as well as Survivors of the Shoah and Holocaust institutions and organizations. In those geographical areas where no established Holocaust-related group exists, GSI provides members with a critical link to their second and third generation brothers and sisters around the world. GSI is the bridge between the survivor community and Holocaust museums, universities and educational institutions worldwide. GSI’s membership numbers in the tens of thousands and spans the United States and the world. We are open to all descendants of Survivors, as well as Survivors and Child Survivors. GSI’s objective is to carry the torch of remembrance through education and commemoration. We are all linked together with the common goals of preserving, perpetuating and honoring our legacy, sharing resources and ideas, providing emotional support to our members, and tackling issues of mutual interest.”


Yad Vashem urgently calls upon Jewish communities to recover millions of unidentified victims names through a worldwide Names Recovery Project. Yad Vashem invites you to join communities throughout the world by helping to initiate a grassroots names recovery campaign through your local synagogue, community center, welfare agencies, survivor and next generation groups, universities, schools or camps. For more information, go to


The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors is the umbrella organization of survivor groups and landsmanshaften located in North America that was founded in 1981. The mission of the organization is remembrance, education and commemoration.


Image Before My Eyes
A Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland, 1864-1939
By Lucjan Dobroszycki & Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett


A video about Judaism interesting to young people can be seen at


The following organization's websites are helpful when doing research about your lost child , his/her city, country, and culture: (search for French Children of the Holocaust) (Jewish genealogy) (Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York City)


Ritualwell is the source for innovative, contemporary Jewish rituals. The site provides resources to sanctify holidays and life milestones, and empowers Jews to shape and renew Jewish tradition.